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As the name suggests New Era provides a new standard in flooring levelling systems through progressive development and a complete understanding of problems inherent with uneven sub floors. New Era achieves a practical, cost effective and versatile solution in overcoming inconsistencies in variable subfloor levels and conforms to all the latest standards for sport and acoustics.Sports
  • New Era sports cradle are a high performance system which conforms to BSEN14904: Class A4
  • Multi-purpose levelling system for Sports halls, Dance Studios, Performance spaces & Multi-purpose halls.
  • Approved with leading sports manufactures to enhance specifications.
  • Can be used with certain underfloor heating systems.
  • Special Evazote memory foam pads with excellent recovery from loads and intense sports use.
  • New Era can be used on existing concrete slabs or pot and beam floors so eliminates the requirement of screed, therefore no drying time.
  • Sports pads conform to acoustic regulations, therefore ideal for dance studios situated above ground level.


  • New Era Acoustic Cradles have been tested in compliance with Robust Details Ltd requirements as stipulated in the Robust Detail Handbook for FFT2 Resilient Cradle and batten system.
  • New Era Acoustic Cradles achieved rdΔLw = 24dB with the minimum build up. The minimum performance for this specification is rdΔLw = 17dB.
  • Special recycled rubber acoustic pads offer extremely high performance for impact sound reduction.
  • Lightweight system which is ideal for high rise apartment blocks or hotels where internal weight loadings may be an issue.
  • Dual height cradles make surveying and installation less time consuming, therefore cost effective.
  • Pre-cut packers 1.5mm – 12mm are readily available.
  • New Era is recognised by major flooring suppliers as being effective problem solver in over coming uneven subfloors.

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